Q. What is Womenincharg3 About?

A. We are a songwriting company,online radio station,and music award show

Q. What is Womenincharg3 Music Awards?

A. an independent music award show honoring female artists

Q. Can I submit to be a nominee at Womenincharg3 Music Awards?

A. Yes. must be a female visit https://womenincharg3.com/music-awards/

Q.What is the age requirement to be a nominee?

A. Must be age 18 years or older

Q. Where is the awards being held?

A. Atlanta,Georgia

Q. What genres are accepted

A. All genres such as pop,r&b,hip hop,country,folk,blues,jazz,music video,music album,reggae any genres you can think of.

Q. Can I submit cover songs

A. No we like to hear original material.

Q. How long has Womenincharg3 Music Awards been holding this awards

A. We’re now in our 3rd Annual year