Q. What is Womenincharg3 About?

A. We are a songwriting company,online radio station,and music award show

Q. What is Womenincharg3 Music Awards?

A. an independent music award show honoring female artists

Q. Can I submit to be a nominee at Womenincharg3 Music Awards?

A. Yes. must be a female visit https://womenincharg3.com/music-awards/

Q.What is the age requirement to be a nominee?

A. Must be age 18 years or older

Q. Where is the awards being held?

A. Atlanta,Georgia

Q. What genres are accepted

A. All genres such as pop,r&b,hip hop,country,folk,blues,jazz,music video,music album,reggae any genres you can think of.

Q. Can I submit cover songs

A. No we like to hear original material.

Q. How does the voting work for Womenincharg3 Music Awards?

A. You can have your friends,fans and family vote for you

Q. How long has Womenincharg3 Music Awards been holding this awards

A. We’re now in our 4th Annual year