My road to the Grammy’s

starting my own company Womenincharg3 hasn’t been an easy road. Especially

when you are starting a company from the beginning,but at the same time it has been a joy

to see where I’ve taken my company in just a span of three years. From that time I’ve put together

two  Womenincharg3 Music Awards going on the third year, and bringing women musicians from all over the

Country, and even Just a few months ago I told myself I wanted to advance in my career and become a Grammy

member. I was so excited when I got the email saying “Congraulations Satoa Raymond welcome to the Grammy

family. Hard work does pays off . Just a few days ago my my husband comes home and tells me I have a surprise

you could image what was going through my head “like what surprise” as he had a huge smile on his face

then he pulls out a big envelope and it said’s my name on it with the 59th Grammy Invitation I fell out right there

on my living room floor lol.  I couldn’t believe it me going to the Grammy’s , now what do I wear all thoughts are

running through my head I already have a designer reach out to me. I’m so excited for this dream come true. I will

be doing a vlog once the awards hit on my youtube channel make sure to follow my channel at or click on my website at the top on Womenincharg3 Tv and

subscribe. in closing always believe in your dreams don’t give up it sounds cliche but it’s true don’t let anything stop

you. in other words in the words of Fat Joe and Remy Ma (nothing can stop me I’m all the way it).grammy-invitation